A lot of work goes into making a picture book.

First, since I was only the author, I had to get a company to want to publish it. Luckily, Charlesbridge Publishers in Boston, MA loved the story and said YES! This was Summer 2014.

Then, once the text was edited, Charlesbridge reached out to illustrator London Ladd, who agreed to join the project. How fortunate that he happened to be available. Sometimes illustrators are booked years in advance. And it takes more than a year to get all the pictures done. That was Spring 2015.

London then came up with sketches by March 2016, and sent them into Charlesbridge. Once they got approved, he had to finish them by adding color. Sometimes, corrections were made to the faces or the scenes.

By Summer 2016, all the materials were sent to the printing company, and made into a book.


So...if you want to try to take these original sketches and add color with crayons or markers, here's your chance. Just click HERE to download some of London Ladd's wonderful art work.